Saturday, November 08, 2008

Rez2cool enters the Gears of War 2 Arena
Gears! Gears! Gears!

I spent my Friday night getting reacquainted with the badasses of Gears of War, Marcus, Dom, and the horde of locusts burrowing in the planets core. In a only few hours I've made it to Act 3 on Solo-Campaign normal difficulty, and as the end soon approaches, the fun really has only begun. The Multi-player remains a highlight of Gears, and I've made it to Wave 15 with my band of fellow online players, in Horde mode.

I picked up my copy from EB, having pre-ordered the limited edition one weeks before, thinking that I'd get one of those replica CoG tags. Too lazy to do the midnight launch bullshit, I decided to get it on Friday afternoon. All they gave me was a lousy poster. What's the point of pre-ordering if it doesn't come with the swag?

My impressions of the campaign game will spoil the experience for anyone who hasn't picked up gears yet. All I gotta say is Act 2 of the game had me confused on the direction the developers were taking Gears... I'll save that for a later post.

In the mean time, my facebook status reads "Albert is BUSY Gears of War 2ing w/360 Elite... Don't bother contacting me. Unless you wanna join the fight."

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