Friday, November 07, 2008

Tony Millionaire Maakies creator debuts The Drinky Crow Show November 23
The Drinky Crow gets buzzed on Adult Swim.

Fans of Tony Millionaire creator of notable comics such as Sock Monkey, and Maakies can rejoice as Adult Swim will be debuting the latest from the award-winning artist -- 'The Drinky Crow Show' based on the latter mentioned comic strip. The 10 episode 3D animated series, produced by Mirari Films, and co-created by Eric Kaplan who does much of the writing, will be premiering November 23rd, at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT).

Millionaires' intricate illustration style of early American newspaper comics remains prevalent even in 3D. The fine line ink pen of the comics translates well to the animation, looking like it was taken from a panel of the Maakies. When in motion though, the limited animation is reminiscent of Lucy Daughter of the Devil, cute, effective, but sometimes choppy, and robotic in the pose-to-pose style. Flapping mouths, but static bodies, kinda like made for TV anime.

Still, the show retains the humor of its creators, and if that's your thing, you should definitely tune in to it's premiere November 23rd, on Adult Swim.

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