Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Tokyo Days Recap

Revisiting Harajuku, Tempura Treats in Meguro, and clubbin' Roppongi

Sunday - For breakfast/lunch we checked out this all-you-can-eat place across from our hotel. The price was right on the money $10, though I was pretty sure it would suck. All-You-Can-Eat in Tokyo? That's not authentic Japanese! It sure wasn't. Turns out this place wasn't that bad after all. The owners were Chinese, the food was Korean BBQ, and this place was popular with the tourists from China, and the Philippines. Here I thought there were hardly any Filipinos in Japan... when all I had to do was visit All-you-can-eat, to see them. HAHA!

It was Sunday and being we never saw any of those Harajuku kids earlier in the week, we thought now would be a good time for a Sunday stroll through Harajuku. And look what we found...

I picked up a shirt at the famous Bathing Ape store in Tokyo, after waiting in a lineup for 30minutes to get in. Lineup not because the place was packed full of people, but because they want to keep shoppers to a minimum... that or they prefer to give shoppers one-on-one attention which wasn't the case...

Later we were treated to a Tempura feast with Keito's family at their house in Meguro. We were treated extremely well as guests, I couldn't help but think we were a little spoiled by her parents hospitality. Fresh homemade Tempura with Sake! It doesn't get any better than that. These pictures don't do the food justice.

After the family friendly Tempura dinner, we headed out to the clubs in Roppongi for some good fun.

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