Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-Con 08 - Playing Street Fighter IV
Capcom, delivering the goods at Comic-Con 08

On the last day at Comic-Con I finally managed to get around to playing the much anticipated Street Fighter IV at the Capcom booth. After a 30 minute lineup, that stretched around the booth (a boxing ring housing the arcade machines), CDN and I duked it out. It was definitely worth the wait to play Street Fighter II HD, and Street Fighter IV for however brief a time it was.

Producer Yoshinoro Ono signed posters, and posed for pictures while associate producer David Crislip, helped to translate and promote at the booth. All players were given a sweet Ryu head tie, just for playing the game.

With the insane lineup, I didn't have enough time to replay the game and give it a full testing, but from what I tried, it definitely played like the Street Fighter most gamers are familiar with, and it looked absolutely amazing up close. Street Fighter II HD on the other hand was different from what I expected, improved graphically, but the animation seemed to stick out oddly, like some sort of a cheap 'flash' version of the game, with missing frames which made the animation appear to pop.

In the mood for getting more Capcom, and realizing I hadn't spent much money on Con stuff, I picked up a copy of Street Fighter Tribute, a small Chun Li figurine, an Okami art book, and managed to get them signed by producer Yoshinoro Ono.

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