Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Comic-Con 08 - EW's Visionary Filmmakers - Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder, Frank Miller, Judd Apatow

Power Panel

Not too long after Frank Miller gave Comic-Con audiences a look at his upcoming movie 'The Spirit', the graphic novel god turned director, took part in a panel hosted by Entertainment Weekly a few hours later that was equally as popular, if not more so than as his own. Featuring fellow filmmakers Zack Snyder, Kevin Smith, and Judd Apatow the eclectic group of established filmmakers brought out some hilarious moments, that not only shed light on how each director feels about the others work, but also reminded the audience of their distinct filmmaking styles.

As expected Kevin Smith was his usual self amid the other filmmakers, and didn't hesitate to poke fun at his career or that of his peers. He joked about not being as commercially successful as Apatow or Snyder, in terms of box office numbers, he also did a great reenactment of the opening scene to Star Trek The Motion Picture aka "The Bald Chick Adventures," which absolutely cracked me up.,/p>

Recorded in several parts, you can view them on my youtube.com/rez2cool page.

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