Saturday, July 26, 2008


Friday at the Con

Thursday night at Comic-Con consisted of parties! Two of the most popular ones being G4 and STRANGEco at the hip Jade Theater, which featured performances by MC Frontalot,  the vinyl toy store MunkyKing had a packed party with live painting, and THQ featured their game Darksiders, while Midway pimped Mortal Kombat vs. DC at a pretty swank party down the street. I partied a little too much, so I unfortunately missed the exciting events of friday morning, recovering in the hotel.

It's only friday, the second day of the Con and I feel like I've been here for much longer then that. The show has been packed, people have been stinking, attitudes have been rude, but amid all this, getting the chance to see all the cool art, toys, and panels, is totally worth it.

The much anticipated Ghostbusters panel was cancelled though, so that was pretty disappointing. There was also a Joss Whedon panel I wanted to attend as an alternative, but the lineup was waaaaay too long, so I decided to checkout the exhibit floor to kill time before heading over to The Spirit presentation. But let me just say that, once you get on the floor, it gets really hard to get out. It reminded me of the old E3, lots of exciting setups, booths, and overall craziness.  I'll have to post pictures of the exhibits later, but this area of the Con is HUGE. It goes on and on, it can get pretty exhausting.

Recorded in 10 parts, you can view the rest of the panel for "The Spirit" on my youtube page

Frank Miller, Sam Jackson, and other actors from the film, gave an awsome panel which featured clips from the upcoming film. The movie looks AWESOME.

After this I attended a panel with Kevin Smith, Zack Snyder, and Frank Miller, which I will have to post some time soon.

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