Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Newest Guest Editor on Tomopop, Albert Art!
Miku, from Dan Lam's Anime figurine collection, featured on Tomopop.

Another addition to my internet resume...Tomopop.

The folks over at Tomopop,(Destructoid's vinyl toy sister site, published by Modern Method Network) have invited me to participate in their community as a guest editor. That means I come around from time to time with what ever is on my mind about toys, and art and post it on Tomopop.

For my first post, I've plugged a friend of mine whose collection of anime figurines remains one of the most impressive collections that I've ever seen. Though it may not be as big as other collections out there, his collection is definitely quality over quantity. And what an expensive life toy collectors live. With figurines averaging around the 90 dollar and up price range, the value of this collection, is well... valuable.

Tomopop launched back in February, but it has already gained considerable traffic, and content. Send me links to your collections, and maybe you'll appear on Tomopop!

Check it out!

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