Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's your preference, AIM or MSN, Facebook, or Myspace?

Americans really do use America Online?

I might be the only one who has noticed this, but when it comes to the internet, there are certain things that Americans are more likely to use as compared to Canadians, or other citizens of the world. I know that sounds like a generalization, (that's because it is), because I never really took an official survey per se (unless of course you count this post). For example, many people I know who are from the US, use AOL Instant Messenger, AIM. They use it for work, school, and as part of their usual social life. I started out using yahoo messenger which changed when I changed my email address to hotmail, so I started using MSN, but when I began doing freelance writing for various sites in the states, their messenger of choice was AIM. So I had to download AIM as well.

Now I don't know about you, but I prefer to stick to one Instant messenger. Makes life easier without multiple logins, but sometimes it's unavoidable. That's not to say that Americans don't use MSN, it's just that I get the impression that Americans are really into supporting America Online.

The same goes for social-networking sites, in that a couple of my American friends just can't get used to using facebook, and prefer to use Myspace. Which is funny because myspace, is adopting facebook-esque features to their overall design. Canadians are obsessed with Facebook, and MSN. Maybe it's just Vancouver in general, but these are 2 things that people young and old (mostly preteens to 30's) are constantly using in their daily life. Myspace has gained the reputation for being for Teens, and High School students, which is part of the reason why many former myspace users are moving to facebook. Also the over customization of myspace, has got on many nerves, and facebook offers that clean, organized interface.

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Here's a funny video (if you haven't seen this already)that I think pretty much sums up the myspace demographic! "18!!!"

So I pose the question, AIM or MSN, Facebook, or Myspace? And Why?

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saki said...

I use Digsby, which allows me to log on to aim, msn, yahoo, myspace, facebook, gtalk and twitter all at once. I however, am not really active on msn, yahoo or myspace-- don't do facebook all that much either. I think it had a lot to do with, in the beginning, phones in particular only supported AIM.

That was a lot. P.S. America Online is an ISP, AIM is now a stand alone service.