Sunday, February 10, 2008

Passing around those Kanye West Shades at a Daft Punk party

I'm sure by now you've seen these sun glasses; the ones that Kanye West has been sporting in magazines, music videos, and performances. Those white shades with slits that look like futuristic, funky window shutters. Sure you might look a little goofy with these walking down a street during the day, but at a party celebrating Daft Punk on a Saturday night, you'll fit in perfectly. Sorta...

I went to a Daft Punk appreciation party a week ago here in Vancouver, and I had a chance to try them on as party goers were passing them around. They may look cool (or ugly to some), but they are kind of hard to see through. Vision is slightly impaired, it's amazing that Kanye can jump around the stage without falling on his face.

Aside from the shades, the party was great. Though it wasn't a Daft Punk concert per se, getting all the fans together for a mix of Daft Punk tracks was awesome. These great photos were taken by lindsaysdiet, and 1/2 Alive.

More pictures from We Heart Daft Punk on LindsaysDiet

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