Friday, February 08, 2008

ATTN: Conference Goers - myGDC, and GDC Survival Guide!!!

The 2008 Game Developers Conference is just around the corner. With only a little over a week away before one of the industries major events takes place in San Francisco, you have to wonder if you're at all prepared for the excitement. That is if you're actually going.

And what better way to prepare for the event than to read up on how to approach the conference, especially if it's your first time.

No this isn't E3. It's better... of course, in a different kind of way. The focus of the GDC conference is education, and networking. It's all about communicating with industry peers, learning and sharing ideas, and experiences in game development. It's about getting your game seen if you're a developer, and widening your network of contacts if you're a student or professional, all the while being in a welcoming environment. Not to mention all the announcements, parties to attend, and games to play.

There are two things you MUST check out if you're going!

Survive this!

The GameCareerGuide has a fantastic article on surviving GDC called The GDC Survival Guide, a feature I wish I had written. Haha! James Portnow did a bang up job detailing what's important for the first time conference goer and the info is also great for those who have previously been to GDC. Don't be left without your business cards! Definitely give it a read.

Myspace for the game industry

Another great feature (as in website tools as opposed to written articles) is the myGDC networking feature, on the GDC website. It's like myspace for the game industry, and you can actually customize your profile (unlike a certain 1 to the Up). You can post your conference schedule, post on the forums, and connect with just about anyone who's going to GDC. But unlike other social-networking sites, myGDC is for game industry professionals, so don't expect any immature profiles, or antics. The profiles read more like resumes rather than myspace greetings. Also if you plan on sending random invites to your favorite game designers, expect a swift denial. Friends lists on myGDC are tighter, and are a reflection of people you've met, worked with in the past, or plan on meeting at the show.

With these tools, you're well on your way to becoming a conference fiend! Goodluck and see ya at the event.

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