Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Custom Munny Bomberman Toy Continues to Delight Fans Online

So I posted my Bomberman toy on just prior to the end of 2007. Since then it has found its way to numerous websites like any good viral spread of information online should be. Sites like Plastic and Plush, and Saki Wrote What?!, have been very kind in featuring my toy, also adding their own thoughts on the Munny custom. But one of the coolest plugs I've received comes from TOMOPOP, collectible toy culture. It was a complete surprise to me having thought that the toy would remain in the archives on my blogspot site, never to be seen again after a month. But Bomberman all of a sudden resurfaced today and I like it VERY much! Apparently, so do the folks at TOMOPOP. I'm happy the toy put a smile on their face!

For those new to any of my blogs, I dabble in Vinyl toy customizing outside of my profession as an Animator, when I'm not blogging and/or writing articles. I love making stuff people can enjoy looking at, and so far, Gamers and people in general have loved my Munny's.

Cheers to Bomberman! Thanks TOMOPOP!

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