Sunday, October 21, 2007

30 days of Night was 'Meh'

The bloody Vampire flick, feels cold, and it's not just because of the Alaskan setting.

You either love the movie, or you hate it. The rottentomatoes percentage seems to be accurate: opinions divided, applauding the film for portraying Vampires in a vicious primal light, yet also acknowledging the fact that the film suffers from well, not being very scary.

About the only thing that the gorgeous graphic novel turned live-action film can boast is the gore. It's a bloody, gushing, flesh-tearing, gore fest. Yet, we as an audience just don't find it terrifying, or suspenseful enough, just gross. After the Vampires rampage the citizens of Barrow Alaska, they walk around the town like a bunch of music video rejects. Why I mention music video is because, not only can the movie pass for one, but the music in the film just didn't fit, and at times kills the mood. A good way to tell if a film has lost its audience is if they laugh at inappropriate times, which they did a lot in this movie.

Sure the Vampires can run fast, do flips, and jump on people, but we've already seen Zombies do that in more entertaining, and actually scary films. These Vampires just talk too much. And when it came to the main characters of the film, the lines fell flat, and felt unconvincing. The humans never really fight back either, never taking up arms against the forces, aside from an axe here, and a construction vehicle there. The last "fight" was pretty disappointing as well.

I never read the graphic novel, but I'm sure its staying true to the pages, but thinking about translating a graphic novel into a medium like film, some things need to be tweaked, (or scrapped) to make it its own, rather than a direct copy with moving pictures.

Visually the film looks good, the rampage sequence being most memorable. The Vampire make-up as well is pretty sweet. Some look more deformed than others.

30 Days of Night, is an okay movie worth watching once, maybe twice. I just expected more from it.

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