Saturday, October 20, 2007

On Tour: The Spill Canvas, Meg & Dia, PlayRadioPlay, Idiot Pilot,

"People Connecting through Music." – Nick Thomas of The Spill Canvas on the joys of Music, and its undiscriminating appeal.

The Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC was host to several indie rock bands for a night of catchy tunes, teenage angst, and teen spirit. The Spill Canvas headlining, with Meg & Dia, Idiot Pilot, and PlayRadioPlay! performed for an all ages show. The music was loud, the energy was high, and the turn out was good. The bands were entertaining on stage, even amid a cold and rainy day in Vancouver.

For most, if not all of these bands, online promotion is an integral part of building a fan-base. The savvy youth of today are only a click away from discovering new music, and if the music is good, it'll definitely catch on. The viral spread of information online is truly impressive. Bands crediting their success to sites like myspace is pretty common, and events like this, prove that the online effort has worked.

Sure most of the fans probably don't buy their music, and would rather "file share" with friends, but if they're willing to shell out the cash to see their favorite musicians live, at a price much higher then the cost of an album, then the musicians aren't really losing money. The merchandise sells, and people go to the concerts. And concerts are the best way to enjoy the music.

Meg & Dia, the sisters from Utah, were also a fan favorite and played several of their hits, as well as new never performed songs. The band was also featured in a local newspaper The Georgia Straight.
The Spill Canvas played last, and rocked the hardest.

Check out these bands online:Meg & Dia, The Spill Canvas, PlayRadioPlay!, Idiot Pilot.

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