Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lucy: Daughter of the Devil. It's so bad, but so good.

Perfect for Halloween

A while ago I was blog surfing, and somehow ended up on a guys site, who just so happened to be an animator on a show called Lucy: Daughter of the Devil. Curious, I youtubed the title, and found a wealth of videos on the show. I had never heard of this fairly new CG cartoon series until then, so I gave the first few episodes a view, and I liked it.

Humor so wrong, it's funny. The setup alone is reason to watch. The devil plays father, to a teenage daughter who's dating Jesus, who just so happens to be a peace loving DJ. Oh, and lets not forget the Secretary to the devil, and the two Priests and Nun. They're all very funny characters. Creator Loren Bouchard (co-creator of Home Movies) came up with a really good idea. If you're a fan of this kind of comedy, which Adult Swim is practically known for, then definitely check out Lucy: Daughter of the Devil.

Though as an animator myself, I can't condone such shoddy animation methods... the show is pretty hilarious nonetheless. Animation on a budget: A Zen Art

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Jon said...

That show is bloody hilarious. I love that cartoon. And I wouldn't call the shoddy, I'd call it minimalist... and shoddy.