Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Year In Review Albert Art x Director Showreel (HD)

2012 Recap
So, you may have noticed I do some film and video work from time to time when not doing comics or painting toys. This year I completed a two-year indie short film called '451' a short fan film based on the work of Ray Bradbury. I've also been experimenting with stop motion animation, and shooting promotional work for small local businesses. I've cut together a selection of my work in a new showreel and hope to be doing even more in the New Year.

Homeless Quatchi and Friends has been growing in popularity with each event I've attended. Currently at two issues of former-Olympic mascot misadventures, I plan on finishing the short series in 2013 in time for Fan Expo Vancouver (April) and Vancouver Comic Arts Festival (May). The response has been very positive, though some parents aren't interested in showing this comic to their kids despite the G rated content.

I've also been painting up a storm of custom vinyl toys, and videogame themed paintings which have proved popular with gamers and toy collectors. Glad fans are enjoying it all because I'm having fun making them. I do take commissions, and all toys up for sale.

I've also been using Google+ quite extensively and I've been happy with the engagement with all sorts of users. The mobile App is also quite good. Feel free to check out my stuff at +Albert Art  +The Homeless Quatchi Project +ALBERT ART CREATIVE 

This year was pretty busy, so long to 2012, and hello to 2013.

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