Thursday, December 27, 2012

Albert Art Ness MonQee Custom Vinyl Toy


The year is coming to a quick close, but not until I drop my last toy of 2012. This one is definitely for the gamers.

Albert Art Custom 'Ness MonQee' vinyl toy. I was commissioned to do this piece as a Holiday gift for a retro gaming fan in NYC. It turned out quite nicely. Hand-painted, 8 inch, one-of-a-kind custom Toy2R Qee. 

Gamers might recognize the lil' guy from the cult Nintendo favourite Earthbound

Long time Albert Art fans might remember my custom Ness Munny. Though, I think the Qee platform is much better suited to characters like Ness.

2012, was a busy year for me, with lots of art, and of course lots of toys. I'm always happy to take commissions from fans of my work.

See you in the new year and thanks for your support!

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