Sunday, March 11, 2012

PARTY! GDC 2012 IDA Ireland Bourbon and Branch

PARTY! GDC 2012 IDA Ireland Bourbon and Branch

The IDA Ireland party was held at Bourbon and Branch, a very cool 1920's style speakeasy establishment. Located in downtown San Francisco's Jones st., the location is very easy to miss because of the unmarked exterior. I walked past it once, then realized I had missed it when saw some people who were dressed unlike the surrounding homeless characters, enter this door. 

With the password for the event, I entered, and was led through the bar, and to a back room that had to be unlocked, which opened up to this really cool room. I at first felt slightly out of place since I was the only non-Irish in the room. The Irish people were actually quite friendly. After a few drinks, I didn't feel so out of place. 

The bartenders made a variety of strong drinks, which I never got the names of. Definitely worth a return trip. Really interesting experience. It felt like I wasn't even at a GDC event.

Bourbon and Branch is reservation only.

Industrial Development Authority Ireland - Big Fish Games
501 Jones Street  San Francisco, CA 94102

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