Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver Riot 2011 Canucks Game 7 Loss Boston


Disgrace. Shame. Embarrassment. Disappointment.

What started out as a pretty calm, and somber end to Game 7 Vancouver vs Boston, soon became a riot of idiots, and hooliganism all over downtown Vancouver. From Georgia to Granville, and Robson streets the city was set ablaze. Cars, trucks, trash bins on fire. Windows broken, businesses looted. Fights, stabbings. Smoke, and pepper spray. All this for a game of Hockey? A GAME.

A game highly anticipated by many, with nerves, and stress at an all time high, the loss of the Canucks to the Boston Bruins, and the trouble that ensued seemed like an unavoidable outcome. With so much riding on the win, 'Seeking Stanley' really sets the stage for something dangerous, moving beyond a simple game, and evolving into something as serious as life and death. Do or die.

While a sports team represents the pride of a city, and the people within it, players are like gladiators sent out to compete against the best, soldiers sent to the front lines. To invest so much time, energy, and emotion into a sports team, who wouldn't want to see the team win, and defeat the opposition. In the end, the one who comes out on top would be deemed the VERY BEST. Though, what would be the reaction to a devastating loss?

I guess we found out today. Vancouver's loss documented in the photos and video all over the news speak volumes, of people who loved the game so much that they couldn't tolerate a loss. Albeit, people who would prefer destruction and violence over their own city. I definitely don't agree with what went down and it is truly a shame to see things end up the way it did. With so much damage to the city, people will be paying for it, for a while.

People do take their sports games seriously. Sore losers? Yes. Losers, nonetheless.

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