Thursday, June 23, 2011

Albert Art Lawn Flamingo Helper Biskup Summer Gargamel

SUMMER TIME! Albert Art custom Helper - "Lawn Flamingo"

Ah yes, the time is finally here, summertime that is. And though the weather here in Vancouver, has been less than summerly lately that doesn't mean you can't throw some pink plastic flamingos on the grass to mark the season.

I present to you all the Lawn Flamingo Albert Art custom GID Helper/Relphe from the Tim Biskup x Gargamel collaboration, originally purchased at SDCC 2009. I finished painting this toy several months ago, but I didn't feel like debuting it until the right time, now! Summer!

I originally wanted to photograph the toys beside actual pink lawn flamingos, but I swear I couldn't find any, and I searched all over town, from Home Depot, to Canadian Tire, and Zellers. No garden supply stop had these kitchy ornaments. Some people suggested I order them online, but I really didn't want to wait. On the plus side though, some older ladies working at Home Depot told me that putting lawn flamingos on the grass of someone who is turning 40 is a tradition... or was it 50? Can't remember.

Taking the glow in the dark toy, I painted it over with acrylics, and let it sit on my shelf for months. These toys make me smile, and I hope they make you laugh.

Please enjoy these photos taken of the toys outdoors in a park. Fan this toy!

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