Thursday, November 11, 2010

Opening 8-bits of Destiny Videogame Art Show

8-Bits of Destiny Art Show Opening @ Metropolis Comics & Toys from Albert Art on Vimeo.

The anti-i am 8-Bit videogame art showcase by gamers, for gamers.

The first thing you'll notice about the first ever '8-Bits of Destiny' art exhibit currently on display at Metropolis Comics & Toys in Burnaby, BC, is that the art is well, inside a comicbook store, and not in a traditional art gallery. There are no chin stroking art snobs gawking at the works, nor established commercial artists adoring the walls, of a neatly kept art space. 8-Bits of Destiny, is nothing like something you'd expect in an art show. It is an all inclusive videogame themed art gathering, that takes the art out of the gamer, placing it in an environment that celebrates gaming, and geek culture.

Mountain Dew, chips, and cheetos for all, the 8-Bits of Destiny show has a vibe reminiscent of the Penny Arcade Expo in it's casual gamer atmosphere. Surrounded by an amazing collection of action figures, vinyl toys, and comics the exhibit feels right at home in the comic store. Videogame consoles were also set up for the event, in an area that is typically used for tabletop gaming.

Artists of all skill levels can submit their art for display. Artworks ranged from acrylics, to digital, to interactive pieces.

The next 8-Bits of Destiny art show is planned for April of 2011. Possibly, some chiptune artists will be performing during the show. Stay tuned!

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