Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Albert Art Custom Baby Qee Rabbit

Albert Art Custom Toy2r Baby Qee.

I just realized that I haven't been doing many custom toys this year, and it's already June! I have been working on custom designs on toy templates, but being I've been so busy lately, painting an actual toy takes some time. So making up for lost time, I did a large Baby Qee - a follow up of sorts to the mini baby qee I submitted to the Toy2r Qeeology exhibit that just passed.

I had lots of fun with this figure, and I think the large Baby Qee platform is very underrated. I'm surprised there aren't more artists doing DIY Baby Qee. Personally I'm tired of seeing Dunnys and Munnys. Toy2r makes great DIY figures that beg to be customized. I'm glad I can contribute to this one to the customizing world.

I'm pretty pleased with the way this one turned out.

This toy in particular could fit in with these other loonies I customized a while back.

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