Saturday, May 22, 2010

Manny Pacquiao Nike Peoples Champ Sweatshop Puppet Politics

A great Boxer should remain just that, a Boxer.

No doubt, Manny Pacquiao is a great fighter. An icon for the sport, and for Filipinos all across the globe -- especially for those in his native Philippines. Admiration for the athlete defies all races, classes, and creeds, from the wealthy, to the poor living in small impoverished barrios, the boxer is a man at the top of his game, whose entertainment value extends beyond the ring.

Superhero Wapakman

Looked upon as somewhat of a savior, "The People's Champ" with many believers and followers, he is perhaps comparable to that other guy, Jesus Christ. The man acts, sings, dances, throws punches with unmatched speed and accuracy. With all the fame, fortune, and success, why not take advantage of the opportunities that come along? After all, Pacquaio started from nothing, so why not make the most of it.

Getting into politics with bucket loads of money and fame, seems like a no-brainer in the Philippines, some would consider Pacquiao a fool if he didn't get involved in the government of his home country. Running for Congress seems like a logical step in his case, to flex his influence on the people hoping to bring an end to poverty and more opportunities for Filipinos. No doubt his intentions are true in wanting to lend a helping hand, which he could only do through politics, the Philippines isn't exactly known for pumping out highly educated, Politicians free from Dynasty-like (corrupt) political ties. If he gets involved with politics, he could be down a dark path.

I was watching an episode of HBO 24/7 preceding Pacquiao vs Cotto, and you could clearly see how easy Pacquaio became distracted by the allure of politics, by putting his training second, and his new political venture first. His trainer Freddie Roach expressed concern over it, and like a spoiled child being enticed by sweets, Pacquaio was easily malleable by the words of his political buddies during a private meeting. Then again, he sort of has to be (easily influenced), to get to where he is today in the boxing world, and pop-culture in general. Taking the advice of others has worked so far in his career.

A puppet for Nike, if Pacquiao were truly "for the people," then he would take the opportunity to speak out against sweatshops, and child labor in the Philippines, (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, India) rather than becoming the poster boy for one of the biggest sweatshop employers around, Nike.

You know you've made it big when Nike releases your own brand and line of clothing, shoes, and related apparel. Though, I must admit it is cool seeing a Filipino be so successful, with cool sneakers.

I don't know about you, but I wanna see more boxing from Manny Pacquiao and less of everything else.

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