Saturday, March 06, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Time-lapse and Hockey

Final Weekend of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

Well, I finally have time to post my last few videos from the concluding weekend of the two-week Olympic celebration here in Vancouver, which came to a close last month. Bummer the party is over, but at least I was able to capture many memories from this once in a life-time event.

I did a time-lapse of Robson Square for CNN iReport Weekend Assignment. It was a typical rainy Vancouver Friday, but the Olympic vibe in Robson Square/Art Gallery was in full. The area was designated as a Media Center/BC Pavilion/Family Entertainment. Excerpts from the above time-lapse were incorporated with iReport's Time-lapse Around the Globe video feature. I shot this with my Panasonic HVX.

And speaking of CNN iReport, all my Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic videos were uploaded to the iReport community. Links below.

Vancouver in 2010

Opening Day Olympic Celebrations

iPhone shot, Joe Simpson outside a night club, for Shaun White's Gold Medal private party.

Richmond Olympic Celebrations

Royal Canadian Mint Medal Exhibit

Olympic Cauldron


Girl Talk, (aka Gregg Gillis) former bio-engineer student turned DJ, performed on the LiveCity Yaletown stage. Packed with music fans, potheads, tweens, and those just curious to see the show, the mash-up dance mix style of Girl Talk had people jumpin'.

TEAM CANADA defeats USA at Men's Olympic Hockey. I took this footage with my consumer grade camcorder, right after the final goal. I watched the game at Robson Square, at a really bad angle behind a tree, and kinda far from the screen, but whatever. The fun street party of joyful fans that ensued after the win, was captured here. Can you see yourself in the crowd?

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