Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Olympic Cauldron

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics - Olympic Cauldron (night view) from Albert Art on Vimeo.


There's something mesmerizing about watching fire glow at night. In the case of Vancouver's Olympic cauldron, that couldn't be any truer. The flames of the Games glow bright, and crowds of people gather at all times of the day, to see it.

The cauldron which was lit by Wayne Gretzky on the evening of the opening ceremonies, has been the center of controversy for it's large wire fence, keeping spectators at a distance, and making it difficult and awkward for picture taking. Recently though, Olympic organizers have altered the fence, cutting out the lower portion of the fence, and installing a plexiglass window at eye-level.

This is an improvement to the view, but still some feel it is an eyesore. Yet, for such an expensive attraction, it is understandable that the organizers feel the need to protect the cauldron, from possible vandals, and protesters. Can you imagine all the (bad) things people could do to this cauldron?

This past Sunday, I took the opportunity to film the flames. I think the new fence design gives everyone a good view, and I certainly had no problem with it. (Not seen on camera, is a bridge to the left side of the cauldron that allows sightseers to view the cauldron from above.)

Judge for yourself, by watching the video. Do you think the fence is a bad thing?

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