Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game Career Advice


Recently I did an interview with The Gamer Report, about my background and experience working in the animation and videogame industry. The Q&A interview gave me a chance to talk about a lot of things, but mostly the stuff I have been doing on the side as well; like making art toys, and making movies. What I forgot to mention in the interview is that I used to do quite a bit of online writing as well. I used to do event coverage for Game Career Guide, contributing articles (online and print), as well as interviews, with game designers, some even appearing on Gamasutra.

I started out writing blogs on 1UP.COM, soon I was asked to do some paid previews and reviews. Yet that wasn't enough for me as a writer. I wanted to explore more about the industry, and the people behind it. Which led me to Game Career Guide. Under the guidance of the excellent Editor of the time Jill Duffy, I was able to contribute a nice body of work that I'm particularly proud of.

The point is, that even given my own interest in working as an artist/animator full time for the animation and game industry, I always wanted to explore, and challenge myself with other things that more often than not, still related to my field of interest, videogames.

The articles I wrote were designed to inform those trying to break into the industry, and my recent interview with The Gamer Report, in a way reminded me about that, instead of myself doing the interview, I was the interviewee.

Check out the Q&A here

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