Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Lazy Susan Film Website Trailer Blog

Lazy Susan - Short Film - Trailer from Albert Art on Vimeo.

Lazy Susan, a short film of a tragic girl's love of food.

Finally, I am able to post about the film. I started writing the film in February, and we shot the film in April, and it has been in post production ever since, wrapping up this month!

I've been working all weekend trying to get the website, and trailer up for public unveiling. (Yes, I even worked through Halloween! I'm THAT dedicated!) My work has paid off, and the website is up!

There are some tweaks going on at the moment to the site, but it is ready for viewing.

We barely made the Slamdance deadline on Friday Oct. 30th, but we're hoping the 6 minute film is entertaining, and unique enough to get at least one screening, eventually, in the New Year.

What started out as a simple idea, turned out to be much more complex in execution, with little money, and only the technology available on home computers (running vista OS), and a small international freelance crew in post, the film looks better than I expected, thanks to everyone's hard work. I am glad I went through the process of making this film, and I'd love the chance to do it again, maybe with an actual post production house ;p.

I honestly don't know what the market is like for short films, or even where this film will lead. At least I can use this short film for a portfolio piece?

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