Sunday, October 18, 2009

Plugged on Destructoid Super Punch

Plugged away.

It's always great to find out that people are reading this blog. With how quickly the exchange of information occurs on the internet, simple posts such as movie opinions, or my vinyl toy work, can reach far and wide, thanks to tools like google reader, technorati, and more.

Sometimes I find people linking back to my site through my stat-counter. This past week Super Punch, linked my Ninja Assassin review, and Destructoid, added me to their 7 Best MUNNY Toy Customizers feature article.

I'm not gonna lie, I think getting plugged scores some ego points, but it's just good to know that other people are finding an interest in what I do, and as an online community, we can share that info with others.

Thanks for reading! I'm gonna be visiting Super Punch, more often, and of course Destructoid/Tomopop have great taste in toys!

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