Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Happy Dreamcast Day 9909!

Happy Dreamcast Day. Here's a small fraction of my collection... on Twitpic


The nail in the coffin for the SEGA Dreamcast definitely marked the end of my favorite videogame console era, a console that defined my teenage years, and introduced me to games of a certain caliber, style, and originality, that others at the time were simply not producing. A videogame console ahead of it's time, with a fine library of exclusive games, and support, embracing the online console gaming arena, while others shied away from it.

When the Dreamcast first appeared on the scene, my siblings and I had already been fans of the SEGA Saturn, so this console was highly anticipated for us. We were welcomed with a decent selection of launch titles, that blew our mind.

Over the course of it's life, the Dreamcast really hit its stride with online multiplayer gaming, and the addition of the broadband adapter, and keyboard/mouse peripherals. Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, Phantasy Star Online, Chu Chu Rocket, Bomberman Online to name but a few popular titles, proved the DC could do justice to PC FPS shooters, and MMO styled games. It was a dream for gamers at the time, who could finally enjoy online gaming without going through the hassle of PC gaming setup.

It's really unfortunate what happened, but it was meant to be. The industry wouldn't be the same if Sega still had a console in this day and age. I like the way the industry is now, and I'm happy with my XBOX 360. If the Dreamcast had a worthy successor it'd be the 360.

This day shouldn't be treated like a funeral, but more so a celebration. Serving as a constant reminder of my love for the Dreamcast, I gave myself the online alias of REZ2COOL, and named my blog "The Rez", not after an Indian reservation or a college residence, but after the videogame.

Thanks for the memories. The memories preserved in the amount of amazing content that was released during the Dreamcast's time.

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