Monday, June 29, 2009

30 days of WoW = ENOUGH.

Account Canceled

I started out thinking WoW would take over my life. For a brief time, it did. Between level 10 and level 30, I felt like maybe this WoW phenomena was actually something I'd be willing to devote a ridiculous amount of time to, beyond the 30 day trial, which I started back in June.

What a difference 30 days make. At this point, on the eve of my card getting charged for automatic subscription renewal by Blizzard, I've decided to pull the plug on this, uber MMO. I am so over WoW. RIP Lvl 36 Paladin.

I don't hate the game. I think there's a lot of solid things about it, and I can see why it's such an addictive experience. WoW just got old, kinda fast, despite playing with buddies, questing, hitting up the dungeons, finding items, and making cash money on the auction block.

It could be that maybe my lateness to the WoW party might have had something to do with my lack of willingness to play further, when practically everyone in the game has maxed out their characters, and are playing it over again with a different character class. Everyone running around like jaded veterans. I never really ran into real 'noobs' discovering the game for the first time, and I think that discovery aspect is important for gamers, especially in an MMO. Most players I ran into in the game, have 'been there, and done that.' The game wasn't fresh to them, and it never really felt fresh to me. A problem when you join 4 years later.

I'm just not that into WoW, and I sure as hell am not gonna get the expansion packs.

My quest for a PSO, replacement continues.

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