Thursday, February 12, 2009

Seattle Sci-fi museum

Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Blade Runner, Aliens, Terminator, and MORE!

You can tell how geeky someone is, if they are willing to drive 2 hours away, to another city, in another country, to check out a museum -- a science fiction museum at Seattle Center.

There's nothing wrong with liking sci-fi. I mean these days it's become totally acceptable in a technology obsessed culture we live in. Driven by our trinkets, gadgets, and all the stuff that makes our lives more convenient, or entertaining, technology wouldn't be possible without the science behind it, and the science wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the brains who think outside the box.

Technology heavily inspired by science fiction novels, TV programs, animations, comics or film, it's like we're living in a movie, minus the flying cars. We love our gadgets, computers, computer games, the internet, our cellphones, our flat panel LCD/plasma TVs, our cars and all the high tech stuff within them. Technology and science, and the ideas within science fiction are awe inspiring, and it's everywhere even in the most mainstream of television programming.

I think gamers are more in tune with the sci-fi crowd, because of all the sci-fi themed games, and the technology that comes with playing videogames whether on a computer or console. Videogames have become that happy medium where a person can interact with a computer program, it's AI, virtual world and forget about real life. Man and machine, together. The methods in which we play games are also pretty far out, the motion sensitive, and wireless technologies in gaming are pretty futuristic if you think about it. Touch-screens, and tablet pens are beyond a keyboard and mouse. "Say what? You're swinging a remote instead of a baseball bat? You're tilting your controller to drive a car? You're playing with a plastic drum set in a virtual band?"

When I heard that the sci-fi museum in Seattle had a Star Trek exhibit we geeked out, and took a quick road trip down to America. The drive was easy especially being midweek, during the daytime, so it was pretty much clear sailing.

The last time I was in Seattle, I had gone to the Penny Arcade Expo, and Bumbershoot music festival near the tail end of summer. That was a pretty fun time, and being back in the same area, I couldn't help but think back to how awesome going to both those events were.

We soon realized there was much more than just Star Trek to look forward to.

Who needs to go to New York comic-con when the sci-fi museum has some pretty sweet toys on display in the museums Robots exhibit.

Also in the Museum is the 'Experience Music Project' that is one part history lesson, another part interactive exhibit, where you can learn various instruments like keyboards, drums, and guitars.

If you're in Seattle, or are willing to travel to Seattle, the Sci-fi museum is definitely worth the trip! No picture taking allowed though, unless you're as skilled as I am with the iphone sneakery.

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