Thursday, February 26, 2009

New 1UP Navigation Bar = Slick!


Change seems to trickle in when you least expect it, and no one seems to notice but me. The latest design for the navbar at the top of the site looks cleaner with much more noticeable buttons. Removed are the faces of current/former 1UP staffers, making room for "Join the #1 Community for Gamers!" and "Get your own blog page, make friends, and join clubs!". When logged in, the users picture is placed right beside the users points, in BOLD. Now I'm still wondering what these points will be used for, if not only for bragging rights. They seemed to have stalled for the last few months, not counting all my recent activity. On again, off again, broken points system.

The navbar isn't as crowded as before, more organized if anything, and fits well with the already super-clean design 1UP has been pimping for many years. So UGO didn't ruin the design aesthetic, after all! J/K, or am I?

Rez2cool approves of this change.

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