Thursday, December 11, 2008

Auditorium is like Electroplankton but with an actual goal.

Redirect the flow.

Chu Chu Rocket + Electroplankton = Auditorium. If Chu Chu Rocket, and Electroplankton had a freak baby, Auditorium would be it, and yes, this baby is still in development. Doesn't have enough umph to get me hooked.

It's simple, redirect the 'musical' flow to the appropriate targets using available arrows. When I was reading about it on gaian's blog, I thought this was a variation on the Gitaroo man gameplay, but when I played Auditorium the free online web game, it instantly reminded me of Electroplankton but with an actual goal -- as in completing the puzzle, and moving on to the next. It's cool. I made it to Act 2, but kinda got bored. I think it's the music. Does the music change, or is it the same throughout?? Though the puzzles in Act 1 are not difficult, I can see some people struggling, and getting frustrated with the irritating 'horror film' piano music. I`ll have to play more of it when I get enough time.

Still, Auditorium is another interesting addition (addiction to some) to the puzzle/musical game genre. It should be interesting to see where it ends up. On the site, the iPhone is mentioned along with console versions of the game, if the developers get enough donations. Goodluck to them.

It doesn't come close to weaning me off Audiosurf. Audiosurf is gawd.

Play it!

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