Sunday, December 21, 2008

Albert Art Holiday XMAS Vinyl Toy Showcase 2008

Ending the year with some cheer.

My little corner at The Sweatshop gallery Artist Perspective show on Saturday, may have been smaller than the other art displays on the wall, but it still managed to draw in curious art goers, wondering what was up with the intentionally crooked paintings, and quirky vinyl toys to go along with them.

My setup featured Santa and Elf (Qees), Mutant Monkey and Bonk (Munny), Buck Bear and The Surgeon (Bax Bears) placed on shelves from Ikea, with Christmas lights hanging which actually weren't as distracting as I thought they'd be.

People showed up slowly, but as the night hit 9pm the atmosphere was in full party mode, despite the winter weather. Dj's played, a hip-hop dance troupe shook their junk, spoken word was spoken, and bands played through the night.

Nothing was for sale. I chose not to sell anything, even though several people genuinely expressed an interest in acquiring the art, which is good to know!

Touching the toys was off limits! But with my permission of course, you could. This person seen pictured above, loved Bonk!

Here's hoping that the new year brings more art shows where I can display my toys for everyone to enjoy.

Lastly I wanted to give a shout to the awesome kindhearted folks who have appreciated my toys enough to feature them on their respectable sites!

the Morscata12 blog, Tomopop, Plastic and Plush, toycutter

here's a funny video I whipped up quickly. Thanks goes to Podington Bear for the music.

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