Monday, October 20, 2008

Tokyo Recap - trip to Sega HQ

Trippin' for SEGA...

For my second to last day in Japan, we were invited to visit Sega Headquarters. It was something I had been looking forward to since even before TGS. Though, the details of my visit shall remain confidential, I can say that this was a big ass geekgasm moment for me. I also realized I'm even more of a Sega Otaku than I thought, even more so than some of the people who work there. I impressed, and/or repulsed them. Haha!

If it's one thing that made this already amazing trip to Tokyo complete, it'd be visiting Sega.

After Sega we grabbed some juice smoothies thinking that they'd be awesome. Man were they disappointing. In Canada, these sizes would be small, and kids size. In Japan, large, and Medium... wtf? The chick in the back doesn't seem too happy either.

I also had a chance to pick up another pair of sneaks, this time at the ABC Mart. I'm really surprised that sneakers in Tokyo are actually cheaper than in Vancouver, and with a much much better selection to choose from. I couldn't resist picking up another pair.

Later that night to celebrate the last real night in Tokyo, we did some Karaoke.

I don't remember what song this was, but it was good!

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