Sunday, October 05, 2008

Day 2 Tokyo - Shibuya Sunday, Sneaks, UNIQLO Harajuku, Big Wheel Odaiba, Shabu Meguro.

Day 2, what the fuck am I going to do?

*Posted Monday Morning 8am.

Get ripped off for breakfast for one thing on a beautiful Sunday Morning in Shibuya. Well that, and get adapters for our 3-prong HP laptops from the electronic store so we could use our computers without losing power. We also got distracted by the arcade beside the store, so we played some games then headed back to the hotel.

After checking our email, and blogging, Marie and I were hungry so we went to a cafe by the Scramble Crossing, right around the corner from our Hotel called Scramble Bar and Cafe. The night before it was packed with the night crowd, with many foreigners getting drunk, so we decided to check it out for breakfast. Bad idea. I mean it was nicely presented, and the waitress was very nice, but it really wasn't worth the 15bucks. All this time, I've been comparing Tokyo's prices to that of Vancouver, or other cosmopolitan cities, but Eggs and sausage for 15bucks, is a joke. It's worth under 10bucks usually. Eating is one thing, but I'd rather spend the money on toys, games, and other stuff. Though I must say eating breakfast by the busiest area in Shibuya was totally on the plus side.

After eating I some how got a stomach ache, so I headed straight for the hotel to relieve myself, while Marie, and Keito went off to shop around Shibuya. Yes, I had to do #2, and I've finally over come my fear of the high-tech Japanese toilet. That thing is awesome!

Finished doing my business, I headed to the infamous Starbucks on the shibuya scramble for some Ocha. Being it's connected to a massive book store, I checked out some of the latest in Japanese Horror and anime DVD's, magazines, and bought 2 art/illustration magazines for a friend (They're so cool I think I might keep them to myself). I'll come back for Famistu another day.

I then met up with Keito and Marie, and headed over to a sweet Sneaker shop called 'Asbee'. Tempted by the selection, and the apparent sale going on, I bought a pair of MAD sneaks, and was thinking of getting a Nike pair aswell. I think I'll come back for those. Shoe sale prices were much cheaper than any sneaker store found in vancouver, it was definitely a welcome sight.

We then took a walk to Harajuku 5 or 10 minutes or so from Shibuya. It was great to get away from Shibuya, but Harajuku ended up being just as busy, if not more so. On a Sunday morning, people were all over the place shopping for all sorts of clothes, from used vintage stuff, to high end. I told myself I had to go to UNIQLO to see what all the fuss was about, since they don't have this store in Canada. All I gotta say is, AWESOME.

Harajuku Scramble, with no Harajuku girls in sight... I was hoping to see some, but I guess with all the construction going on on the streets, they all fled for shelter? I'll have to come back to this area again.

UNIQLO has many low priced stuff, but their main shtick is that they collaborate with famous artists to deliver unique T-shirts sold in capsules. The gimmick works. LOL. I picked up 6 or so Manga themed shirts, and a slick rain jacket for a total of little over 100bucks for everything. I could have easily spent much much more.

We headed back to the hotel in Shibuya after grabbing a quick drink at a cafe, so that we could make it in time for our road trip to Odaiba with Keito's family! Oh, and I'm getting sick of the fact that everyone's allowed to smoke in doors at cafes and stuff. Cough!

Daiba, is famous for the Giant Wheel, which looks amazing at night. Toyota also had a car show at the centre featuring the latest in Hybrids, as well as a race track around the mall and wheel. There was also a free concert. The view from the top of the wheel was fucking awesome! I could go on, but i'll let the pictures do the talking.

After this, we drove to Meguro for one of the best Shabu places in town. So good! Keito's family treated us, to full course Shabu experience, surprisingly with sushi too... Vancouver sux.

Around this time it was pretty late, so we drove back to shibuya to crash. Awesome day.

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