Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CollegeHumor's The Office Phantom rocks!

Bring back The Phantom of the Office!

I never really tuned into anything on CollegeHumor before until they started doing the Street Fighter: The Later Years series. From there, I curiously clicked around the site checking out the latest in viral links, as well as their original video content whenever I had downtime at work. I eventually started watching Hardly Working, which I suddenly found myself hooked on. The short Hardly Working segments featuring staff at the CollegeHumor office, acting out and referencing different movies and other bits of pop-culture in their skits, was hilarious. Some funnier than others, but overall this was a web series I just had to tune in to.

I later learned that a few of the CH staff had their own episodes focusing on their individual characters, like Jake and Amir, the overgrown guy girlfriend, and one of my favorites The Phantom of the Office.

I must be one of the few people out there who actually finds The Phantom of the Office funny. It's not really ROFLOL funny, but it has it's moments. Too bad there's only a few episodes of this. (I hope they keep making em'!) You see I started at a new job about a month ago, and while I was re-watching the office phantom, episode 1 specifically, I realized I could relate to his dilemma as the 'new guy.' Sometimes I find myself asking questions and talking out loud when no one is listening. I have a tendency to mention things I find online, even if people don't care. In some ways I am like the Phantom of the Office, and that's what cracks me up. The thing that separates us though is that my co-workers actually like me. LOL

The character is played by CollegeHumor editor Streeter Seidell. You've probably seen him on Prank Wars, most notably the Stand Up Comedy one. Follow his personal blog here.

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