Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smallville Fighter!

This is what I think of Kristin Kreuk in the new Street Fighter Chun Li Film:

I like Kristin Kreuk. I like her, because she's Canadian and from Vancouver. I think she's a gorgeous actress, and well, HOT! I think her taking on the role of Chun Li will solidify her as an icon of geek culture, even more so then Smallville. Though I still can't believe they're making another Street Fighter film, it's hard to believe that it's revolving around the character of Chun Li. I've heard rumors about it for the longest time, and now I guess they're true.

I was pretty surprised she was chosen to play Chun Li, after all, the character Chun Li is fully Chinese, and speaks the language fluently. Kreuk will have to learn the language, unless of course the filmmakers decide to Americanize the character for western audiences. I guess Kreuk will have to learn martial arts, like wushu, and wire-fu too. When thinking of the film, you can't help but think about another game -to-movie fighting franchise like DOA. It sure LOOKS good, but that's about it.

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