Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guitar Superstar Game

When Knock-offs Attack...

When I was down in LA for the holidays, I noticed a certain guitar game while doing some obligatory shopping at Macy's. The game was called "Guitar Superstar", a stripped down, plug-and-play, wannabe version of Guitar Hero. It was placed strategically between the boys, and middle-aged women sections; an obvious attempt at attracting the attention of mothers, and their sons who want Guitar Hero, but for one reason or another can't get the real thing. It wasn't plugged in at the time, but thanks to the great youtube, I found some actual gameplay footage from Guitar Superstar.

And what's this... there's Drums too! Oh and what a sale! Who needs to hear a real guitar, when you can listen to rock song midi tones? The game's been out for a while, and is definitely geared towards the very young. Though it would have made a nice xmas gift for my younger cousins, I don't believe kids should get knock-off products. It's just wrong!

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