Sunday, January 27, 2008

Worth watching? Rambo, jPod

Rambo, it could have been worse

Despite the low score on the tomatometer, I quite enjoyed Rambo, the latest installment in Stallone's pair of revived franchises (the other one being Rocky). I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if I hadn't saw the film on opening night. There's just something about watching a movie in a theater packed with fans of the action icon all laughing, clapping, and cheering, at pretty much the same instances. It makes the movie seem better than it actually is. Who knows, if I watch it again, I probably won't like it as much, but for now, I'm thinking it was an entertaining, at times funny, over the top action flick. And that's what you go in expecting when watching a film titled Rambo.

Living a simple life in Thailand in the jungles working as a fisherman, snake catcher, and river guide, Rambo comes to terms with his life when he hears that a group of missionaries from Colorado he helped to get to into Burma are being held captive by the Burmese army. He along with a group of mercenaries go into the war zone to rescue the Americans. Minus the villagers, and innocent civilians, the rest of the people in the film really deserved to die. The Burmese soldiers were brutal, and well psychotic...There's just something satisfying about Rambo going in for the kill, and saving the day.

jPod, the Television series.

Douglas Coupland's cult bestseller has been turned into a TV series which recently premiered on Canada's CBC. And yes, it follows the same characters who work at the video game company Neotronic Arts, (loosely based on Electronic Arts).

I've never read the jPod book, but I have seen another Coupland production, the film called Everything's Gone Green, in which he wrote the screenplay. Both jPod and the film, reflect contemporary Vancouver, the west coast culture, software technology industries, and well grow-ops. It's so west coast, and the writing is quite funny. I think it's because there's so many references to places, people and things in Vancouver. Especially the game company that the characters work at. It's an obvious reference to Electronic Arts Canada. Steph Song, as a mocap specialist. Hilarious!

Maybe if I'm not lazy I'll read the book, but for now the show is enough. The live-action suits the series, but I think jPod would have made a great animated show too.

jPod comes on Tuesdays @ 9 on CBC, but if you don't get the channel, you can watch Full Episodes on the site!, ain't that nifty?

Watch the trailer here.

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