Sunday, July 08, 2007

Transformers the "NEW" movie was surprisingly enjoyable. I went in with pretty low expectations, robots , cars, cleavage and explosions and it was exactly just that. Definitely targeted towards boys, and boys that just won't grow up. Alien robots fighting on earth over a Cube of energy. What more do you want? A deep intellectual discussion on robot spirituality?

It wasn't as bad as I previously wanted it to be! I mean, it could have been worse, a lot worse. The revised robot designs were fine. It allowed for expressive facial animation, so as an animator, I agree with the designers choices. The Transformation and fighting scenes were impressive, like on an eye-popping scale. The action was so large, at times you could barely see what's going on. The film was funny, and it was typical Hollywood blockbuster Michael Bay style. Lots of destruction.

Worst line of the entire film: "You're a soldier now!!!"

Watching Transformers will:

  1. Make me want to join the US Military, namely the Air Force
  2. Make me want to buy a good ol' American made car, namely a GM
  3. Make me want to drink some soda, namely Mountain Dew
  4. Make me want to buy an XBOX 360... oh wait VF5 Online will do that

In any case, since posting my friend's Transformers Toy Collection online, I was contacted by a local newspaper (24hrs) and they're very interested in doing an article on him. All thanks to me. It came as a surprise! The power of the internet once again... connecting people. If you're in Vancouver, be sure to keep a look out for it!

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