Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ratatouille Tastes Great!

Pixar Animation delivers yet another visual feast with Ratatouille, the story of an everyday rat (Remy) with sophisticated taste who dreams of one day becoming a famous Chef. Separated from his community after being driven out by a gun touting grandma, Remy ends up in Paris where he befriends a talentless cook (Linguini) at the once 5 star restaurant Gusteau's. With Alfredo Linguini's lack of talent and the rats uncanny cooking ability they team up to make culinary magic, making a soup that impresses the guests and the head chef Skinner.

Ratatouille looks amazing! It's hard to believe that this is 3D animation. In several scenes things like buildings, sets, and clothing look almost photo realistic, sometimes like claymation and stop motion. Achieving Photorealism is no longer a difficult thing to do these days with the right tools and artists, so it's good to see that they pulled back from doing the full on realistic look. The animation is top notch, and gorgeous to watch. The characters are so expressive and full of life. But this movie is more than just visuals, the film is funny, well acted, and well written. It's positive and even inspiring to the youngins and even older crowd. Anyone looking to doubt Pixar's filmmaking ability hoping for an eventual flop will sadly be disappointed. They're definitely at the top of their game.

And to add even more reason to see Ratatouille. The latest Pixar short-film LIFTED, about an Alien abductor in training is pure genius!

Bottomline: "Pixar is Creme de la Creme. Definitely watch this film."

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