Monday, May 14, 2007

Videogame Goodness with Paint and Canvas.
20x15 Mixed Media on Board
So I've been doing some videogame inspired artwork lately. Actually for the last 6 months or so. Taking out the brushes, paints, canvas, and other assorted (costly) materials, I figured I may as well try my hand at doing videogame themed art in the traditional medium. Don't get me wrong, I love digital bitmaps and vectors, but there's really nothing like real canvas and paint. You could say I was inspired by the popularity of the I Am 8-Bit Gallery, but then again, I'd do this stuff just to decorate my walls, at home and at work. Besides, the I Am 8-bit Gallery seems to be missing some soul when it comes to the gamer's mind. Sure there's Mario, and Tron, and Pacman, but where's the Slimes? No one's representin' Dragon Warrior, or Bonk for that matter. What's up with that?
15x20 Marker/Ink on Board.
You could say I'm doing "fanart", being a fan of the game characters immortalized in each piece.
10x10 Acrylic on Wood
In honor of Megaman's 20th anniversary, here's a piece of the Blue Boy himself and his best friend, super-sized. These pieces will be up for sale at some point, framed and all that good stuff, so stay tuned, for more videogame art and info. Plenty more to come!

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~ethan said...

I'd pay you fifty bucks for that Slime piece in an instant. It's AWESOME. I hope you do more Dragon Quest stuff!