Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Albert Art for the masses.

The problem with having accumulated so much art over the past few months, is that I have to hold myself back from posting it all on the internet all at one time. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to show more of my doodles, but I should really pace myself. I figure every week or so, I'll post a few more pieces. If you find the art to your liking let me know! I may not be the greatest artist out there, but if you like my stuff, that means a lot to me. And if you're especially interested in buying the art (originals or digital prints), then that means a lot more to me too! I'm all about affordable art, but making the art can be expensive (the supplies), especially if it's framed. Just think of the time, love and care put in to each piece.

Purchasing details still to come, so check back often, or drop me a line if you really must have one of these Albert Art's on your wall.

Also I just wanted to give a shout to joystiq for finding interest in my videogame themed work, and to all the readers as well for being intrigued enough to tune in, so, thanks!

I've added 4 more pieces to the slide show. Two of which are done with Marker/Ink, while the third is digital, and the fourth acrylic on canvas. I like to work with various mediums, from Paints to Markers.

Part of the reason I started doing more art with actual paint was because of some advice I received from a fellow artist who exhibits much of his stuff in galleries. Apparently many galleries have a hard time selling work created with markers and/or the computer. Which poses the question, are the galleries pricing those pieces too high, or are people really not interested in art done with mediums other than paints? These aren't your average joe markers mind you, but apparently, galleries just can't sell them. Or is it the artsy fartsy attitude? Gallery snobbery!

Yet the response from the gamer community seems positive. The "Dragon Warrior: Blue Slime" piece I have was selected on joystiq, and people are actually interested in buying it, and it was made with some quality markers. No Crayola shit here. This piece and another Dragon Warrior piece were submitted for the I Am 8-bit Gallery, but were turned down. It's a shame. Thanks to the power of the internet though you can see what they missed out on!

Being an artist is tough, lucky for me I have a day job, but if it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't be able to share my stuff.
"Yoshi Lays Egg" Acrylic on Canvas 10x10

I simply couldn't resist doing a piece like this in which Yoshi lays an egg. Just look how happy he (she?) is, in a hillbilly kind of way. As for the Princess below, she decided to do something about that squeaky clean image of hers.

Marker/Ink on Board 10 x 15
Ink and Marker on Board 10 x 15
Recently Backbone Ent. announced Bomberman for the XBLA. So I felt that this piece was appropriate! Bomberman is one of those franchises with simple graphics, but strategic and highly addicting gameplay. A definite favorite of mine.