Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I've become a fan of Warby Parker since hearing about them on TechCrunch. So during a trip to New York City, I decided I would pick up a pair. The $95 frames (+ prescription lenses!), was a deal I couldn't refuse. Their frames are, specifically designed to target the consumer looking to stand out from the crowd. Bold frames, and styles and decent quality.

Warby Parker boasts affordable frames that go against the norm of overpriced brands. They also donate frames to those in need. 

I was actually considering a pair of Moscots while in NYC, but Warby won me over.

Check em out at (I believe they started shipping to Canada recently.) While Warby Parker has a showroom at the New York office, all the purchases are done online, on their site. They will actually ship a Home Try-on of 5  frames, which is cool.

Enjoy the little animation I shot and edited. The goal of the spot was to match the clean look of the Warby Parker brand. The frames featured in the video are the Winston, with an old fashion fade. Maybe I'll pick up another frame in the future.

This is the last the series of "New York" videos that I've done since my trip.

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