Friday, April 06, 2012

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Project Glass, ideal for gamers.

One day, the gadgetry from the world of sci-fi will become a reality, and we're living in that time. With touch screen smartphones, tablet computers, self-driving cars and now the Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize contest a $10 million competition, bringing the Star Trek device into the real world. This is definitely an exciting time for new gadgets.

Yet the most exciting  gadget on the horizon is another from Google, Project Glass, Augmented Reality eyewear. This is most definitely not an April Fools joke. Still very early in development the technology would allow  for a HUD interface to appear on the users field of view, which would allow for integrating useful Google tools like Maps, and Google Hangouts, into your eyes without having to hold a phone, hands-free.

Most people seem to be excited for this technology but are equally divided as it could be a big distraction to many. Can you imagine all the stories of people walking into poles, getting hit by cars while crossing the street, getting into accidents while driving? 

Then again, that wouldn't be anything new since many people are just as accident prone with their heads down staring at their smartphones in the streets on top of having music playing with their audio devices.

For the generation who play First-person videogames, or MMOs, we've become accustomed to having information displayed over our virtual worlds. And the majority of gamers have no problems with it.

If Google Glasses were to become a reality, the HUD design would need to be intuitive, elegant, and controllable. You wouldn't want icons popping up randomly that would get in the way of LIFE. You should be able to choose the information you want to see.

I don't think this would isolate people. People are already isolated when they prefer to stare at their phones texting, while listen to music without making eye contact with each other in the streets. At least with Project Glass you're looking up at and discovering the world around you. 

Texting and walking into a fountain...

Whether the technology comes in the form of a projection attachment for use on regular spectacles or entirely new set of eyewear, remains to be seen. IF Google decides to team up with an eyewear company, might I suggest Warby Parker, or Nike? $95 frames from Warby Parker would appeal to the Hipsters, while Nike would appeal to those who play sports.

On one hand you have to convince people to adopt the technology, and another to convince them that they won't look stupid wearing them!

Star Trek TNG.

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