Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dougie Dog Natural Hot dogs Vancouver

FOOD: Dougie Dog All Natural Hot Dogs Vancouver

I've always wanted to try Dougie Dog, and this past weekend I finally had the chance. Located near the intersection of Nelson and Granville in downtown Vancouver the gourmet hot dog joint, is serving up some pretty tasty dogs, unlike anything else in the city. 

Sure JapaDog has their share of toppings and flavors, but their dogs are distinctly Japanese influenced. Dougie Dog on the other hand is more than a culturally influenced hot dog. Their dogs range from the original classic dog, to Italian, to Chicago style, to hot dogs named after rock stars. And lets not forget their high-end $100 hot dog topped with Kobe beef, lobster and truffles.

Now Dougie Dog isn't all just fancy sounding hot dogs. They are firm believers in all natural hot dogs, with no mystery to the meat. You can definitely see and taste the difference! The dogs also have a really nice crisp snap when you bite into it. No pink sludge!

I had heard about this place from friends, so I had to check it out.

I first ordered the Super Mario Dog. It was topped with mushrooms, cheese, and Jalepeno. Pretty good, but I was still hungry, and it was a bit mild for my taste, so I ordered the Seoul Dog. This was a very good dog, topped with Korean BBQ, kimchi, and pickles. So good.

The Butterscotch Root Beer was very smooth, and not too sweet like other Root Beer brands.

The history Dougie Dog is documented on the Dougie Dog DVD. I had my DVD autographed by the man himself. If Dougie Dog sounds familiar it was originally featured on the show Dragons' Den.

1011 Granville Street | Vancouver, BC

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