Friday, March 23, 2012

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So it's been a few weeks since GDC 2012, and I'm finally getting around to going through all the business cards I've accumulated over the week at the conference. With so many social events, it's easy to forget where certain cards came from, but in the case of Sample Sumo a Belgium based tech company, I immediately recalled it was from GDC Play.

GDC Play is a separate area from the the main Exhibit Hall, and Conference area. it is the equivalent of a convention's 'Artist Alley' but for independent developers who wish to display their games and products. Sample Sumo's audio technology demonstration was pretty memorable. Using sounds to trigger gameplay behaviour, the user could either tap, pots and pans, or wood blocks to get the correct sound effect, which the microphone would then pick up.

Being demoed at GDC Play was Cows 'n' Order.

It's a neat technology that could be applied to something like Microsoft Kinect, or Sony Move, or even without a camera, or controller. Seems like all you need is a microphone, and well, sound! Would work well with handheld gaming on smartphones or PS Vita, and Nintendo DS.

Read more about Sample Sumo at GDC

Sample Sumo

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