Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tenacious Toys Albert Art Skelanimals Qee


I'm very happy to announce that my Skelanimals Qee Letterman The Hound is NOW AVAILABLE online at Tenacious Toys, OPEN BOX! Meaning that you know what you're getting, as opposed to the blind box! The online store is taking orders now, and for a modest price you can own a piece of my work, from the Artist Series Two Skelanimals Qee collaboration. Letterman The Hound, continues to spread across the world! Be sure to grab one!

This is my first ever mass production vinyl toy, produced by Toy2R. I'm the only Canadian artist in the series, so I'm very happy that I can share my work.

Visit Tenacious Toys to purchase one.

Also be sure to submit pictures of your new toy on the fan page. Letterman has a long running series of photos taken by fans!

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