Tuesday, February 08, 2011

AlbertArt Letterman Skelanimal Qee Bully Toy2r


Yay! I'm so excited! TOY2R finally revealed my Albert Art 'Letterman' Skelanimal Series 2 Qee! It was inspired by the classic Letterman Jacket style of American High School jocks back in the day, who go around bullying people! I didn't want to make the Skelanimal theme so apparent, obvious and loud in the design, instead I opted to create a design that was simple, clean, which embodied the AlbertArt style, but with an ode to Skelanimals on the Jacket.

It turned out amazing. The folks at TOY2R really brought this toy to life with such skill. Thanks guys!

The toy will be available in the collection of Series 2 Skelanimal Qee! Hopefully you can pick one up!

A2 Skelanimal Letterman Qee Bullee will shove you into a locker and take your lunch money!

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