Wednesday, January 19, 2011

X-Men First Class Generation X Mutant X

X-MEN FIRST CLASS, emerges from a legacy of FAIL.

I know it's a bit too early to be judging a movie that has yet to be released, but I can't help but think about the previous attempts at a 'mutant teen drama.' And given the history of live-action mutant-themed productions that have come about in the past, my expectations for X-Men: First Class, are pretty low.

When I first heard that the next X-Men installment would be set in the past, back when Xavier and crew are in their youth, I immediately thought of the series, Generation X.

How could anyone forget Generation X, the Executive Produced Avi Arad, Stan Lee FOX TV Movie from 1996. It was based on the comic series of the same name, and filmed as a pilot for a series, which failed to happen. Generation X was like 21 Jump Street with mutant powers. It was filmed in Vancouver, BC like every X-Men film that followed in the years to come. I remember being mildly entertained by the movie as a youth, but looking back at it now, I cringe. This show is AWFUL.

(Kudos on the SEGA Virtua Fighter 2 arcade product placement. Jubilee sets that baby on fire!)

Flash forward to 2001, another attempt at bringing 'mutant youth' to the small screen, with the show, Mutant X. A series which unfortunately survived beyond it's original pilot and went on for 3 seasons. Maybe it's because they decided to go with a sexed up direction. Marvel Studios was the behind the series, with Avi Arad as Executive Producer. The main characters are genetically engineered mutants, rather than mutants who were born with powers. I don't believe Mutant X was based on an existing comicbook.

The only decent 'X-men Youth' series to ever hit the small screen was the animated X-Men Evolution. The show set Cyclops, Jean Grey, and others in High School. As a show, it was far better than the other crap.

In any case, maybe it is time for a proper reboot, remake, repackage of a teenage X-Men schtick, after all, the television series attempts have been nothing but fail.

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